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  1. You can apply for e-Visa only in case if you are not on the territory of Georgia.
  2. Please, select country of citizenship according to your travel document/passport.
  3. Please, note that validity of your travel document/passport should extend at least for three months after the validity of requested Georgian visa.
  4. The stateless person must select the country according to the travel document.
  5. In case of dual citizenship, please, choose the country according to the travel document/passport which you will be using for traveling to Georgia.
  6. Please, note that you are eligible for the e-Visa only if you hold one of the travel documents/passports listed in the appropriate section.
  7. e-Visa portal must be used for short-stay visits only (less than 90 days)
  8. Attention! The information provided by you will be checked at the border crossing points of Georgia. If you provide incorrect information your e-Visa will be invalid and you will be refused to enter Georgia.